Scott Coker has mentioned a few times in the past week that Strikeforce will announce two major heavyweight signings this week, and if I remember correctly at least one of them he said is a worthy competitor for Fedor. Considering they’ve been negotiating for the past several weeks, I’m guessing Bobby Lashley is one of them, but he’s not ready to compete with Fedor yet. My other guess was Josh Barnett, but as Coker implies in the interview above, they’re not really interested in Barnett until he gets his steroid issues straightened out with the CSAC. So who else could it be? Not that I think any of these guys would be particularly interesting opponents for Fedor, but Arlovski, Monson, Yvel and Kharitonov (only because Coker has mentioned him before) are the only other names I can think of. Am I missing anyone?

Update: Fanhouse is reporting that Andrei Arlovski is in negotiations with both Strikeforce and FEG to compete on one of their year-end cards, Evolution or Dynamite!! 2009, respectively.