Scott Coker & Fedor Emelianenko

Dana White’s reaction to Strikeforce’s big CBS debut is in, and to no one’s surprise, it wasn’t exactly a glowing commendation.

“CBS would be out of their mind to put that rinky-dink [Strikeforce] . . . on the air again . . . and without that backing, [promoters] won’t have the money to pay [Emelianenko].”

“The guy just got his face smashed in by Brett Rogers. Do you know what Brock or [UFC heavyweights] Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez would do to Brett Rogers?” White said. “It’s time to bring this guy [Fedor] in, to see Brock Lesnar smash his head.”

With that out of the way, on to the real news — Fedor’s injuries. Unfortunately, it looks like his injured left hand may keep him out of action for four-six months.

Emelianenko, 33, also is dealing with health issues. He suffered a fracture and tendon damage in his left thumb, and a fractured nose in the Rogers fight, Coker said. Emelianenko stopped in Los Angeles on Monday to be treated for the injuries.

“[The hand injury] could’ve been from that blow when he had Brett on the mat at the end,” Coker said. “We’re hearing he could be out for four to six months.”

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but Alistair Overeem last said he wanted Fedor in April 2010. If he keeps his word, the timing definitely works out now for a spring showdown. Coker says he’s expecting Alistair to headline a card in early 2010, so the question is, will they give him an non-title tune-up fight to build him up for Fedor, or give someone like Werdum a title shot and effectively eliminate one of Fedor’s 2010 opponents?

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime