M-1’s Jerry Millen appeared on Steve Cofield’s ESPN1100 radio show prior to the Strikeforce event this past weekend and had some interesting things to say about the failed negotiations between M-1 and Zuffa to bring Fedor to the UFC. If Millen can be believed, which is admittedly questionable, Fedor essentially called Dana out during the meeting for all the negative things he’s said in the media about Fedor.

“Dana is two-faced. One minute he says [Fedor] is the best fighter in the world and ‘I want him.’ Then [another] he’s the fat guy at the buffet.”

Millen, wasn’t in the meeting, but claims to have been on the phone to hear White’s pitch to Fedor:

“In the meeting, Dana says to Fedor ‘oh, you’re the best fighter in the world, we’d love to have you.’ And Fedor says to him ‘yeah, I hear and read on the internet what you have to say about me everyday.’ And then Dana’s like ‘I’m just a promoter. I’m just trying to sell tickets. I just want to sell tickets.’ And Fedor said ‘that’s what makes you and I different.’ [Fedor] just wants respect and to be treated fairly.”

Although this post comes with a giant “consider the source” disclaimer, it is believable when you consider the type of person Fedor is. And if it is true, it certainly hasn’t stopped Dana from slamming Fedor in the media.

Update: And here’s why it’s difficult to believe anything Jerry Millen says.

“If these guys in the UFC truly wanted to fight Fedor, they’d find a way. Come to his training camp. Come to Stary Oskol, and we’ll do three, five-minute rounds in the ring or the cage. We’ll do it for fun.

“If you really want to fight him for competition, and it’s not about the money for the guys in the UFC, then tell Brock Lesnar to jump his ass on a plane, take a train, and come to Stary Oskol. If these guys really want to fight Fedor, then come to Stary Oskol and lets get it on there for no money.”