Renzo GracieEver since Lorenzo Fertitta revealed Zuffa was working on signing Renzo Gracie, rumors have been swirling that he’s going to fight Matt Hughes. According to, the rumors are true, and the UFC is trying to put the fight together for UFC 109. has confirmed with sources close to the UFC that a welterweight matchup between Renzo Gracie and Matt Hughes is in the works for UFC 109 in February.

Gracie, 42, last appeared in a February 2007 disqualification victory over Frank Shamrock. Rumors have circulated over the last month that the legendary Gracie family member has been in negotiations with the UFC. Both fighters have been approached about the fight, but bout agreements have not been signed.

Definitely a cool fight, but hardly surprising. Really, who else do bring Renzo Gracie in to fight other than Matt Hughes at this stage of their careers?

Also, I’m not a frequenter of the various message boards so I hadn’t heard this one, but apparently there’s a rumor floating around that Demian Maia and none other than the legendary Royce Gracie would also be fighting at UFC 109. However, Heavy confirmed that rumor is not true, so no reason to get your hopes up if you see it. It definitely would have been cool to see Royce take on who is essentially the modern-day version of himself though.

Update: Renzo Gracie and Matt Hughes will likely still fight, but Renzo says it won’t happen at UFC 109.

Either way, incredulous columnists and sedentary fans can rest at ease. No, Renzo is not going to fight in February, when he will be completely focused on cousin Rolles’s UFC debut. But…

“My relationship with the UFC is excellent. Something will happen…” he hints.

On his adversary, should it really be Matt Hughes, as has been speculated for weeks, Renzo confirms nothing. Nor does he deny it: “The match-up has been made. It’s going down…”