Kimbo Slice training at ATT

Kimbo’s in there every day. He looks great. People don’t realize that he really had no formal training. I was watching some of his stand-up and thought maybe he had some boxing training, but he said, ‘No, that stuff I just learned on the street with my friends.’ It’s pretty amazing, and it’s also amazing how humble he is. People bad-mouth him all the time, say he’s no good, and he never, ever — not once — says anything bad about anybody. Even though everyone’s looking at him and talking s**t. People think he doesn’t deserve what he’s gotten. He does deserve it. He’s got a huge fan base…I’m most impressed with his attitude: He’s famous, he’s making great money, but he just works hard and isn’t afraid to fight anybody. Everyone is looking forward to seeing him fight. That’s the thing. People can say whatever they want to say about him, but everyone tunes in. Everyone wants to see him fight, going back to when he was with EliteXC. Now, is he as good as Fedor Emelianenko? No. But his ratings were better.

—Mike Brown talking to Fanhouse about Kimbo Slice’s commitment to learning the game at ATT

Of all the fighters to come out and defend Kimbo Slice to the masses, WEC featherweight champ Mike Brown was not who I was expecting. Kimbo definitely has a way of winning people over.