Every so often some pretty crazy stuff happens in this sport we call mixed martial arts. Yesterday was one of those days. Chad Ochocinco (did he really change his last name to 85?) of the Cincinnati Bengals told Dana White over Twitter he wants to fight Anderson Silva to raise money for charity.

Dana this Ocho Cinco, I want to fight your #1 and #2 best fighters asap,exhibition to raise money for a charity of choice!!!!!!…matter of fact I want Anderson Spider Silva—please don’t ignore me or you’ll have to fight me yourself!!! Sincerely Esteban :)Mr. White this a serious matter, we can help alot organazations with this fight, I have a good chance at winning against Silva…oh I’m dead serious, this will be one that goes down in history, Ocho defeats Silva in surprising upset, it’s on!!!

Dana White needing another big fight for UFC 108 jumped all over it.

Perfect @OGOchoCinco. I need a Jan 2nd fight. Ocho Cinco vs Anderson Spider Silva. PS – I’m too old to fight anyone. If you are really serious @OGOchoCinco, contact me. We’ll put a fight together for charity. Follow me so I can send you my email

Yeah, that just happened. Unfortunately for Dana though, 85 has his last game of the regular season the very next day so if they follow through with it, it probably won’t happen at UFC 108.

Oh and if you’re wondering if there’s any way Ochocinco doesn’t embarrassing himself against Silva or whoever else the UFC might match him up with (Rashad Evans wants some), check out the video above. 85 does a little boxing training in the offseason so he might actually last 40 seconds instead of 30.