Fedor EmelianenkoSherdog’s Loretta Hunt nabbed an interview with Fedor Emelianenko only hours after having his hand operated on earlier this week. In the interview, Fedor responded to comments Dana White made earlier this week about him and Brett Rogers following their fight.

Well, what can I tell you? The first thing that I saw was Brett Rogers had his way very quickly in 20 seconds with UFC champion Andrei Arlovski. In terms of Rogers, I can’t really comment on how fighters in the UFC would fare against Brett Rogers because that’s just speculation. And with regard to the UFC, if they offered a fair contract and a real deal for us then we would be open to fight in the UFC. But to just comment on what they say, all I see from them right now is nothing fair and nothing reasonable, but only insults.

M-1’s Joost Raimond also said that 6 million Russians tuned in to watch Fedor fight and claimed the numbers were good in other countries as well. I don’t know what that means for their bottom line, but that’s another revenue stream they wouldn’t have if Fedor signed with the UFC.

On Sunday, Fedor watched his fight against Brett for the first time at the Paradise Warrior Retreat Center luncheon and briefly spoke about the fight.

“Well, as it happens with me pretty often, I missed the first punch, which really wasn’t very painful, but I got cut. But to tell the truth, Brett is a very strong and dangerous opponent, and when I tried to take him down, he was very slippery because he was sweating. I was trying to control the situation. In the course of the fight, I could feel that I had the dominant position, and was in control, and instead Brett was leaving his positions.”

“In the second round, now that I can see it, what I tried to do was use different speeds — attack, clinch, attack, clinch — to (get) him tired. Looking at his game, I could see that he was getting loose, he’s getting tired and then I managed to catch his certain movements” for the knockdown punch.

Fedor also mentioned fighting in the cage didn’t bother him at all, though he conceded it was different than fighting in the ring. Oh, and he says he still has holes in his game he’s working on and looks “a little bit clumsy” in certain areas. He is human after all, or so he says.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime