Sengoku LogoWhen fans try to predict the next mixed martial arts promotion to fail, the conversation usually centers around Strikeforce. While there’s no evidence to suggest Strikeforce isn’t healthy still, there is an organization overseas that appears to be on its last legs.

All week, rumors have been swirling about World Victory Road (Sengoku) being on their proverbial deathbed. Fighters Only says they’ve confirmed those rumors.

Sengoku is on the brink of collapse and may not survive until the end of the year, Fighters Only has been told by sources with links to the organisation. More than one agent is concerned that their fighters will have to try and find a new home in the very near future.

In the last couple of days it has been rumoured that Sengoku’s main sponsor Don Quijote, a major department store network in Japan, has switched its allegiance to FEG, parent of company of Sengoku’s Japanese rival DREAM.

An agent speaking to Fighters Only in Manchester last night said he had been told this rumour is true, and that Sengoku will be unable to continue operating at its current scale without the significant financial backing that the company brought them.

Word is Sengoku has scrapped it’s NYE card and is working on a deal to partner with FEG & DREAM for their FieLDS Dynamite!! 2009 card. Sengoku’s card was supposed to be feature the debut of Satoshi Ishii, the hottest Japanese prospect in years, so FEG certainly has incentive to work with WVR to get him on their card. No one seems know exactly what’s going down behind-the-scenes in Japan yet, but multiple outlets believe there may be an official announcement coming as soon as this week.