Michael Bisping & Denis Kang

“I cannot put into words how much pressure has come off me right now…I have had a lot of critics, a lot of people doubting me, a lot of people writing me off as a fighter and saying ‘he has been exposed’…Whoever the UFC say, I will fight. I just keep doing my job and keep trying to win fights…I felt pretty comfortable. Denis is a highly-respected black belt. I felt confident on the ground, he hit me with a few shots but I never felt in any trouble. I was going to scramble back to my feet but I kind of caught the clock and I thought ‘well this round is nearly over, I have lost this round, I will save it for the second round,’…Going into the second round I felt very confident, I thought ‘I have just took his best there’, I am sure he wanted me on the ground as he thought he could submit me. Yeah, I felt very confident. In the second round when I took him down and started ground and pounding him, I could see it in his eyes. I don’t know which shot it was but one of them broke his will.”

—Michael Bisping talking about his big victory over Denis Kang at UFC 105

I’m not gonna lie, I thought Kang was going to smash Bisping, but it was very much the opposite. In the second round, Bisping took Kang down and destroyed him. He definitely answered all the questions last night. Props to him.

Image via UFC.com