The talk of a UFC-WEC merger isn’t going away. Tatame is hearing that Zuffa is moving its WEC fighters over to the UFC in 2010 and the fighters already know about it.

Biggest MMA event of the planet, UFC has plans even bigger to 2010. Sources close to WEC informed TATAME.com that the UFC will add new weights categories on the next year, bringing athletes with contract with WEC, that was bought by Zuffa – same organization that commands the UFC – in 2006.

This year, UFC scheduled 20 events – WEC made only eight –, but the bigger amount of athletes would force the organization to make a bigger number of annual shows. According to sources close to the event, Zuffa called all the fighters with contract with WEC in Las Vegas earlier this month, telling about the merger and revealing that they plan three events for month in the future.

This move can’t come soon enough if you ask me, and judging by all the injuries the UFC has been hit with recently, I’m guessing Zuffa feels the same way. They could sure use Brown vs. Aldo on Jan. 2.

Update: The WEC’s PR director is already shooting this one down. Says there’s “no truth to this story whatsoever.” There may not be, but I wouldn’t expect their PR guy to confirm it before an official announcement was made by the organization either.