Brandon Vera & Randy Couture

“I’m pissed, I’m really pissed, but the sport of MMA, she, MMA, is a b—h and if you let it go to the judges, you let it out of your hands, you know? So, I’m going to take the blame for this loss. I’m going to man up…I should have finished it. I had a couple of opportunities to during the fight that I should have finished it. I’m super happy I got to fight Randy Couture, my hero, my legend, and let the rest of the light heavyweight division know that I’m going to whip you’re a– if you get into the Octagon with me.”

—Brandon Vera reacting to losing the decision to Randy Couture in the UFC 105 main event

It’s definitely a tough pill to swallow for Brandon Vera. He clearly inflicted the most damage, but Randy controlled him the clinch for a large portion of the fight. How you scored it was probably based on which you thought was more significant. I thought the damage was, but the judges obviously thought otherwise.

If nothing else, hopefully this will light a fire under Brandon’s ass to start finishing people like he used to.

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