Brock Lesnar

Dana White has good news on the Brock Lesnar health front. Brock has undergone surgery, but it was only “minor,” not “major” as Dana thought the other day.

From Dana’s Twitter:

Leaving bismarck ND right now. Brock had minor surgery and is feeling better. Not 100% sure he is out of the woods but feeling better.

That’s definitely much better news than we’ve been hearing since Saturday when the story broke. Whatever is/was wrong with Brock, hopefully the worst is now behind him.

Update: Dana White confirmed with the LA Times that Brock had “minor” surgery but added that the doctors are waiting to see if he needs any additional procedures. That seems to contradict Lesnar’s friend/chiropractor, Dr. Larry Novotny, who says Brock has been released from the hospital and is back home recovering. Lesnar apparently wanted Novotny to pass along a message for him.

“He wants people to know that he is getting better and contrary to some rumors that he had died, he is on the mend,” said Novotny.

At the very least it looks like Brock is going to be out for quite awhile  because Dana has decided to put an interim title in play. No word yet on who and when, but you can imagine it will involve one combination or another of Shane Carwin, Big Nog and Cain Velasquez.

Update 2: According to a post from Shane Carwin on the UG via BE, it sounds like he’s in talks with the UFC to fight Cain Velasquez. He didn’t seem particularly interested in an interim title.