Mike Brown

“We’ve got guys always getting ready (to fight), always training, so I had a handful of guys training really hard right now to get ready with me…He (Alves) helped me a lot with the knees, the knees and kicks because that’s his game. He looks a lot like Aldo if you watch those guys fight; straight punches, good needs, good kicks. Alves is just bigger and hits harder…Aldo might be quicker, but Thiago showed me a lot of nice defensive stuff on what to do in those types of situations. I go with a lot of the guys my weight, 45-pounders, 35-pounders to get that blazing speed.”

—Mike Brown talking to MMA Weekly about training with Thiago Alves for Jose Aldo

If you’re going to fight the Muay Thai wrecking machine that Jose Aldo has proved to be at 145 lbs., there aren’t many sparring partners better equipped to emulate his style than Thiago Alves. As Brown said, he’s pretty much a bigger, stronger version of Aldo, just not as quick.

Will it help lead Mike Brown to another successful title defense? We’ll find out tomorrow night, but my feeling is it will. I got Brown, who you got?

Image via Sherdog