Anderson SilvaThe UFC middleweight title fight between champ Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort was talked about for UFC 105 and UFC 108. Ultimately, the fight never materialized on either card large in part due to Anderson’s elbow surgery and his slower than anticipated recovery from it.

Well, now the fight is targeted for UFC 109, but one again it’s contingent upon Anderson recovering in time to properly train for the fight.

The highly anticipated UFC middleweight title fight between current champ Anderson Silva and explosive challenger Vitor Belfort is now targeted for UFC 109.

Belfort first released news of the new date to the Portugese-language Terra magazine’s “Mano a Mano” blog, and ( has since confirmed with sources close to the bout that verbal agreements are in place. Bout agreements have yet to be signed.

The bout is also contingent upon Silva’s recovery process.

Third time’s the charm?

Update: I don’t know if this latest news on Anderson’s recovery will put the UFC 109 fight in jeopardy, but according to comments Anderson made to Portas das Lutas translated via Fighters Only, he’s still having complications with his elbow.

“I went to the doctor who takes care of me in Brazil on Monday. I had surgery in the United States but there is communication between the two medical teams. To sum it up, some movements aren’t at the expected stage [of recovery],“ he revealed to Portal das Lutas.

“I’m crazy to come back, train hard and fight but some moves still hurt so much. I just came from jiu-jitsu training where I was teaching my students and I could not even could make some positions with them.”