Alistair Overeem

If I want to prove that I am number one, I cannot bypass a fight against [Fedor]. Fedor is my idol. Having said that, I have fought others whom I have regarded as idols, and defeated them: Vitor Belfort, Igor Vovchanchyn, and Peter Aerts, for example. Though I respect my idols, I of course do not want to lose them come fight time. Fedor is a great fighter… but only in MMA. If he fought under the K-1 rule, I don’t think he would be as good as me…I am filled to the brim with confidence regarding my winning the K-1 World Grand Prix. I am self-assured that I can stage spectacular fights that will floor everyone: I will become the K-1 champion. I will accomplish an unprecedented feat in the world of combat sport and become the greatest legend. There has been many fighters who deserve the billing of ‘legend.’ Kazushi Sakuraba has always been a legend and Wanderlei Silva was the PRIDE legend. Fedor, Rickson (Gracie), and Royce (Gracie) are also legendary names. Nevertheless, when I become a legend, I want to distinguish myself from the aforementioned names and become the greatest among all the legends by becoming the number one in both K-1 and MMA — in other words, a ‘double legend.’ If I manage to accomplish the feat that no one else has, then I can rightfully be called the ‘greatest legend.’ (To all the DREAM fans) Here is the future K-1 champion: Look forward to my return to DREAM after capturing the K-1 belt.

—Alistair Overeem, via DREAM translated by MMA Mania, making some pretty bold statements about his future status in combat sports

When the word “legend” is thrown around, it’s usually based on a fighter’s entire body of work. Winning the K-1 World Grand Prix and beating Fedor Emelianenko in a span of a year would be a remarkable accomplishment, but Alistair has too many losses on his record next to elite-level opponents to call him the “greatest legend,” especially with so many questions surrounding his superhuman body transformation. Maybe he should do what he says he’s going to do and pass a few drug tests before he starts throwing the L-word around.