Dana answered a handful of questions at yesterday’s UFC 106 Fight Club Q&A. Here’s the video via Fanhouse and a few notes.

— Dana says he want to get that “fat little bald guy” Fedor in the UFC, but he turned down the UFC’s “respectable” offer.

— The UFC will never split the heavyweight division.

— Matt Hughes fighting in early 2010. After Chuck does his final dance on DWTS, Dana will talk to him about his future.

— Zuffa signed a new deal with Versus yesterday for WEC according to Dana (MMA Junkie says it’s not finalized yet), so the WEC isn’t going anywhere for awhile. Didn’t they just sign a new deal with Versus a few months ago or am I losing my mind?

— Rampage vs. Rashad if Rashad beats Thiago Silva. Has Dana run this by Rampage yet?

— Not enough talent for women’s division or women’s season of TUF.

A few more notes via Sherdog:

• He had a meeting with Shane McMahon but declined to discuss what was talked about. White said he is a good friend and “you never know.”

• He offered Gina Carano a fight when she was with EliteXC. There was a loophole in her contract that would have allowed her to leave but she declined.

• 10-point must system will “probably” need to be changed.

• The UFC is going to Hawaii for sure, and it will be the company’s first stadium show.

• GSP-Hardy will be in February.