At the UFC 106 post-fight press conference, Tito Ortiz basically gave the press the long-version of his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. He was injured, couldn’t spar during training, thought he won the fight, thought he was robbed and thought he won the Fight of the Night bonus.

“I thought I won the first round and I thought I won the second round. I got two takedowns you see the damage on his face. I got him good. In the third round I was gassed. After 18 months off, I want to see another fighter come in after back surgery and do what I did. And for me not getting Fight of the Night, I’m taken back by it.”

Koscheck’s look at the 2:30 mark pretty much sums up what everyone was thinking. Tito may have a point about the Fight of the Night bonus, but he didn’t win that fight and he definitely wasn’t robbed. Even if you give Tito the edge in the first two rounds, does anyone actually think Tito deserved to be called the winner after a third round spent doing practically nothing other than impersonating a punching bag? Well, I don’t, and it’s just another illustration why the 10-point must system needs to go in mixed martial arts, at least in it’s current form.

What’s next for Tito? Well, he wants the rubber match, which Dana says is a possibility, and he even floated the idea of him and Forrest coaching season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter to build it. It would make for interesting television I suppose, but do we really need the rubber match as soon as next summer? There’s also been rumors floating around about Chuck Liddell and Tito coaching next season. That would make more sense if you ask me. Forrest bounced back well last night, and I think he deserves the opportunity to start climbing the ladder once again. Many writers and fans are already talking about Forrest vs. Lil Nog. I don’t know about you, but I’m down for that.

Despite calling out Dan Hardy and declaring himself the welterweight division’s true number one contender in front of millions of people, Josh Koscheck won’t be getting the next title shot. Dana says Kos is in the mix like he always is, but they’ve already announced the GSP-Hardy fight. Koscheck was a little disappointed, but kept his spirits up and says he just wants to keep fighting, every month if he has his way, and keep getting paid.

And getting paid he did. Dana awarded him $140,000 in bonus money for his performance against Anthony Johnson. Koscheck said he wanted to weather the early storm and use his wrestling to take Johnson down and submit him, which was exactly what happened. Meanwhile, Johnson said the eye pokes took him out of game giving Koscheck the opening to take over the fight.

“I didn’t hit him in the head, I hit him in the arm. I don’t know why he would act like [that], I guess he was gassing. That’s the only thing I can think of, [him] trying to find some kind of excuse to complain. I know I didn’t hit him in the head. I thought I timed it perfect but I didn’t and that’s my fault. After him poking me in the eye it made a big difference. Then he did it twice and got both eyes the second time because when he swings, he jabs with his open hand and the right didn’t even hit me, it was just the open palm strike and my eyes, my eyes are burning like hell right now. After I hurt him, he needed that, he needed some kind of excuse to recover, but it’s all good.”

It was a weird night, but with everything going on with the UFC these days, I guess we should have expected it.