Michael Bisping

Okay, so maybe Wanderlei Silva won’t be fighting Yoshihiro Akiyama after all. At least that’s what Fighters Only is hearing.

Wanderlei Silva’s next fight will be with Michael Bisping, a well-placed Las Vegas source has told Fighters Only. The fight may headline the UFC’s first event in Australia, which takes place in February 2010.

Verbal agreements for the clash have been given, although Fighters Only understands that bout agreements are not yet drawn up. The fight will not be official until these are signed and returned by both men.

Dana White mentioned last week on MMA Junkie Radio that the Wand-Akiyama fight “might change” and said,  “We’re moving some things around and doing some stuff.” I took that to mean the fight may be moved to another event, but apparently he was talking about the match-up itself.

Wand-Akiyama was a good fight and one I was looking forward to, but Wand-Bisping should be good too. Either or works for me.

Image via Sherdog