Dana White

We all have things in our lives to be thankful for, but my list and I’m guessing your list is vastly different than Dana White’s. He’s thankful for his fighters, particularly the ones who helped build the UFC, the fans, Bruce Lee, Pinkberry and Venus razors.

• I’m obviously very, very thankful for the UFC and for guys like Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Forrest Griffin, guys who have been real partners to us and who have really helped us build this business.

• I’m thankful for Bruce Lee. I’ve said it a million times: He’s the father of mixed martial arts. He was so far ahead of his time.

• I’m thankful for Pinkberry. I love Pinkberry! I’m like addicted to it. I’m very thankful for my favorite: a large original with Fruity Pebbles. So good, I get really excited about Pinkberry.

• I’m thankful for food, in general. I’m not thankful for how much I love to eat, though. You go out and buy all these nice suits and then you gotta try to stay in ’em. I’m thankful for my suit pants — they’re the referee in trying to keep my weight down. That’s my thing, I don’t ever change my waist size. I keep it the same, and if they start to get tight, then I have to lose weight. [Ed. note: Ha, same here, except with $40 jeans not $2000 suits]

• Shaving your head is no fun endeavor, let me tell you. It has taken a lot of trial and error, but there’s something I’m very thankful for, sweetheart — the Venus razor. You know the chick razor with the gooey stuff on the side? Yeah, that’s what I shave my head with, it’s true. Funny, right? I’d look like a nicked-up freak without that thing.

• I’m thankful for the passionate, psychotic lunatics who are the fans of the UFC. Not only will they come and blast me when they think something’s wrong, they also travel all over the place, buy the events, stand by the sport, and I’m very thankful for their energy and support.

You check out the rest of Dana’s list at ESPN.com. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!