Shogun vs Lil Nog

“Now there are lots of good guys in that division, including Brazilians, that are showing their strength, like Thiago Silva, Lyoto, myself, there are a lot of strong guys in the division, the Americans as well, like Jardine, Evans, the category is very strong. I hope that the Brazilians dominate the division. God willing, it will happen…I would like to have the fight with Shogun again. Shogun is a great fighter, a great champion and he was in the best stage of his career till today. He has his merits, at the end of the fight I tried to take his back… If I had finished the fight there at his back, I would have been able to change the story of the fight.”

—Antonio Rogerio Nogueira expressing his desire for a rematch with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Lil’ Nog and Shogun went to war at PRIDE Critical Countdown 2005 in the quarterfinals of the PRIDE 2005 MWGP that Shogun eventually went on to win. It was a great fight, the type that begs for a rematch down the road. Who knows, if Shogun beats Machida and Lil’ Nog wins one or two more, perhaps we’ll see Shogun vs Nogueira II for the UFC light heavyweight title in late 2010. It wouldn’t get much better than that.