Brett Rogers

I want to fight soon, and I want to fight Alistar. I’m 100% healthy and took zero damage in the fight; so I’m ready to go right now. As I said Strikeforce is my home; I love Strikeforce and in my opinion Alistar holding the title belt is an insult to every fighter in this organization, every fan and to Scott Coker. Champions defend their titles. And either Scott strips him and real fighters battle for it; or I will take it off him the hard way.

—Brett Rogers telling he wants a title fight with Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem

You gotta give Brett Rogers credit. He’s not afraid to talk himself into big fights. He tried with Kimbo Slice and now with Overeem. Problem is he’s coming off a loss. As much as I’d like to see Alistair and Brett throw down, Rogers needs to get a win under his belt before Strikeforce even considers putting him in a title fight. Overeem needs to fight Fedor next. Any other match-up would be a huge disappointment in my opinion.

Image via All Elbows