TUF 10 Cast

After weeks of Spike teasing the possible return of Kimbo Slice, we found out tonight he turned down the opportunity to fight James McSweeney in the quarterfinals. Can’t blame the guy. He’s got a lot more to lose than the rest of the guys, and fighting at “40%” probably wouldn’t have resulted in a Kimbo KO. But as we already know, Kimbo will fight Saturday night at the TUF 10 Finale against Houston Alexander. A win will undoubtedly land him a big money contract and a spot on a future pay-per-view, but what if he loses and looks horrible doing it? It will be interesting to see how many chances they’ll give him before letting someone like Strikeforce come in and swoop him up.

As everyone hardcore fan predicted, Roy Nelson and his big belly will fight in the finals. Roy will take on Brendan Schaub who could give him a run for his money, but I think Roy’s experience will carry him to victory and a “six-figure” contract.

It turned out Marcus Jones had quite the temper. He was literally ready to put Matt Mitrione in the hospital in tonight’s season finale, so of course those two will go at it Saturday night.

Four other cast members will fight on the card as well according to MMA Junkie. Justin Wren will take on Jon Madsen and Darrill Schoonover will fight James McSweeney.

You can check out the full TUF 10 Finale fight card in our fight cards section.