Kimbo Slice:

“Considering that I’m cutting weight and that it’s my first fight in the UFC, it means a little bit more to me than all the other fights. But as far as pressure, you feel the pressure and everything weeks out, but coming close to the fight, you kinda bite down on your teeth and you know you’re getting ready to get in there, so that pressure goes out the window,” said Slice, who also revealed that this may very well be his last weight cut. “I’m a natural heavyweight. The last time I was at this weight, I was in middle school.” (Laughs)

“[ATT is] teaching me the ABC’s of jiu-jitsu and the ABC’s of becoming a mixed martial artist, and that’s what I think I was lacking in the whole beginning of my career,” he said. “I was just kinda thrown out there and I said ‘hey, let’s just go for what we know.’ And I really went on heart and guts. I fought guys who all had the ability to just mop the cage with me but who were unable to do so because of the heart and the way I was coming. Now I’m up under ATT, who are really giving me the ABC’s of everything and I think I’m gonna be somewhat of a threat to a lot of the guys that I fight as time goes on.”

“Just let it play,” he said. “Let the cameras roll and don’t move from your seats because somebody’s getting knocked out. I’m coming in to knock this dude out or to be knocked out. And that’s the fun part of it. I’m not afraid to be hit. I’m not afraid to get knocked the hell out, wake up a few minutes later, well-rested, shake his hand and say ‘hey man, good fight, I’m still a big fan of yours’ or however it goes. I’m coming to fight, and that’s what you get with me. I’m coming to knock someone out.”

Houston Alexander:

I knew a year or so ago that I was going to fight Kimbo. I knew that one of these days I was going to end up having to fight Kimbo…I’ve been practicing every aspect of the game — In order to be an MMA fighter, you have to practice every aspect of MMA, concentrate and drill, drill, drill. When your kids come to wake you up and you start choking out your kids, that’s when you know you have it right. … My jiu jitsu has gotten a lot better. My grappling has gotten a lot better. I want to be a complete MMA fighter…I was fine with fighting at a catchweight — I’m used to fighting bigger guys. I’m at about 208, 209 right now.”