More K-1 World GP 2009 Final post-fight interviews on the official K-1 YouTube channel.

A few interesting post-fight notes regarding Dynamite!! 2009 via Nightmare of Battle.

FEG President Tanigawa declared today that he wants Alistair or Semmy to take Fedor out.

Candidates from the finals event for Dynamite!! are Alistair, Semmy (will fight under MMA rules if he fights, possibly against an SRC fighter), and Hari (depending on their condition). Alistair wants Hari in an MMA fight.

11 or 12 additional fights will be announced for Dynamite!! and Tanigawa wants 7 of those to be DREAM vs. SENGOKU/SRC fights. He also wants around 3 K-1 vs. DREAM/SENGOKU fights (like last years Mousasi/Musashi, Kawajiri/Kozo, and Alistair/Hari fights).

Announcements are expected later this week.