Scott CokerSo we all know Dan Henderson didn’t come cheap, but exactly how much Hendo will be raking in fighting for Strikeforce is unknown. Scott Coker, however, did give Fanhouse’s MDS a hint.

We’ve heard that Henderson was asking for a lot of money. Is he now your highest-paid fighter?

Is he your highest paid other than Fedor?
Fedor is the highest-paid athlete in Strikeforce. We have two other athletes who are getting paid as much as Dan, but I really can’t say any more than that.

When he beat Michael Bisping at UFC 100 he made a $100,000 base salary, a $150,000 win bonus and a $100,000 knockout of the night bonus. Can he make more than $350,000 a fight in Strikeforce?
Well, I can’t go into the details but there are a lot of things that are important to Dan. One is the compensation, but another was keeping his name and likeness rights, having access to intellectual property rights. But I’m almost getting too much into the deal, which I’m not supposed to because there are confidentiality agreements. The bottom line is that Dan wants to be treated fairly and with respect and we feel the same.

As far as we know, besides Fedor of course, Frank Shamrock is the highest paid fighter on the Strikeforce roster. He banked $369,790 in his loss to Nick Diaz last April. I’m not sure who the second one is but my guess is either Cung Le or Gina Carano. Cung last earned $200,000 for beating Frank Shamrock while Gina made $125,000 in her loss to Cris Cyborg. Obviously, neither of those figures come close to $370,000, but I would imagine at least Gina is making more behind-the-scenes. That or I’m completely forgetting someone.

Regardless, if Shamrock was one of the names Coker was referring to, that puts Hendo’s pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $350k-$400k, right around what he made at UFC 100 after all his bonuses. Plus, he retains all his likeness and intellectual property rights which could translate into more money for Hendo’s bank account. Who knows, maybe it will even come in the form of a deal with EA Sports to appear in their MMA game. Hendo says his UFC 2009 Undisputed deal was non-exclusive, so the door is presumably open.

MDS’ interview with Coker is chock full of interesting bits, so definitely check out the rest over at Fanhouse.

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