Carlos ConditUFC 108 is cursed. But, we already knew that, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that yet another fighter has withdrawn from event. This time it’s Carlos Condit who was scheduled to face Paul Daley in the number two slot on the card which is indicative of how far this card has fallen over the past couple months. According to MMAUnltd, Condit suffered an injury during training.

Naturally, Daley didn’t take the news too well. He invested a lot of money in his training camp and is pleading with Joe Silva to give him another opponent.

“I’d [accept] any fight.. I just wanna fight. Condit is a big pussy IMO, I have inside information on that dude….it’s all good as long as I fight,” he wrote, a comment that is sure to enrage former WEC welterweight champion Condit.

A source close to Daley said the British welterweight is under the impression Condit had not begun a proper training camp, and is questioning how long Condit had known he would not be fighting. “Paul has spent a shitload of money on this training camp out of his own pocket, and his team have bought non-refundable tickets to go out to the US for the fight so hopefully Paul gets another opponent for this card, he is really pissed off,” the source said.

In his post on The Underground, Daley went on to appeal to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva for a new opponent, suggesting a couple of names he would like to fight.  “Koshcheck…is a tough motherf*cker, but I accept the challenge. Hazellet has sick subs, and is dangerous, but I accept that fight too. Any top level fighter in 170lbs with a winning record. Joe make it happen.”

Anyone want to give Thiago Alves a call and see how his knee is doing? I’m sure Joe could use the help.

Update: Dustin Hazelett will replace Carlos Condit.

Multiple sources informed on Tuesday that Hazelett will step in for an injured Carlos Condit to face Paul Daley in the co-main event of UFC 108, which takes place Jan. 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Also, Condit has responded to Daley.

He told that he was “really disappointed” and had been “looking forward to shutting Daley up.”

“Daley has been talking (expletive), saying I hadn’t started training yet,” said Condit. “That’s B.S. I’ve been training for a month and a half already.”