As usual, a lot of news and notes came out of today’s UFC 107 pre-fight press conference. As seen in the video above courtesy of Fanhouse, Dana White sat down with the media to talk about everything from Brock Lesnar to Dan Henderson. Here’s a quick rundown.

— Brock Lesnar is doing a lot better than he was before, but according to Dana at least, he may still need a major surgery. They should know within the next 45 days, and until then, they won’t be making any decisions about titles.

“We won’t know for probably another month and a half,” White said about the final prognosis on Lesnar’s return. “He had that minor surgery, he’s going to change his diet, change some things and see what happens.

“It could be forever. We won’t know for the next couple of months. Obviously I’m hoping that’s not the case, as I’m sure all of you are. We’ll see what happens.”

“We’ve still got to wait here a little bit and see what’s going to happen to him. Maybe he can come back, maybe he can’t. We’ve got to see what happens to him first. I’m going to wait and see if he has to have this major surgery before I make any big decisions,” said White.

For the record, his trainer made it sound like Brock just needs a little R&R for now before he gets back in the gym. Another report stated the UFC is targeting his return for a July event in Boston.

— Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort is expected in April

— Dana says Dan Henderson is done in the UFC. He will retire in Strikeforce. Time will tell if that one sticks.

— Houston Alexander will be cut if he hasn’t been cut already. Dana doesn’t want to talk to him.

— The controversial apparel company, Hoelzer Reich, has been banned. Dana says there were legal issues involved.

The UFC has released TUF 10’s Justin Wren.

— Dana still intends to base jump off the Mandalay Bay. Been training with “one of the best base jumpers in the United States.”

More in the video above.