Strikeforce Shamrock vs Diaz in the HP Pavilion

Dan Henderson says they are. In an interview with Sherdog, Hendo mentioned that one or two of his four contracted fights with Strikeforce will likely be on pay-per-view.

Henderson’s interview with Sherdog was fascinating. He let the cat out of the bag that Strikeforce would considering doing PPVs in 2010 and also revealed details about his contract with the promotion.

“It’s four fights, uh, it’s about a year and a half from now, yeah.

I mean it’s open to be on either Showtime or CBS or PPV, um, and I know that there probably will be a PPV in one or two of those four fights. I believe the first one is scheduled to be on CBS.”

Strikeforce has built themselves quite the impressive roster in recent months. They’re certainly capable of putting together a pay-per-view quality card — substantially better than the next few UFC cards — but as we’ve seen in the past that doesn’t equal instant pay-per-view success.

I don’t know how necessary pay-per-view is for Strikeforce to remain a major player in this industry (I suspect it is), but I think they could really use a good solid year of promoting quality events on Showtime and CBS before they make the leap. Both Fedor Emelianenko and Bobby Lashley need to be built up, Gina Carano needs to be reestablished and maybe even Cung Le will be free of his movie commitments by then. Long story short, they need time to build stars and create compelling stories the casual audience feels is worth paying for. But even then it’s no guarantee when your competing against something as powerful as the UFC brand.

Image via All Elbows