Dude, I don't know how I'm feeling, ask Dana.
"Dude, I don't know how I'm feeling, ask Dana."

“[Lesnar] did go to the Mayo Clinic. You can’t listen to him. You’ve got to listen to me. He’s never going to tell you what’s going on. You know how he is…You know how he is; he doesn’t want anybody to know. You guys talked to him, apparently, and he tells you something different. I keep telling him, ‘Brock, I have to be honest about it. I’m not going to lie to everybody about it.’ But there’s only so much that I can tell you…He’s a private guy. He doesn’t want anybody talking about it…We still have to wait here a little bit and see what’s going to happen to [Lesnar]. Maybe he can come back. Maybe he can’t. I don’t know. We’ve got to see what happens to him first…I’m going to wait and see whether he has to have this major surgery before I make any big decisions. … But it won’t be long. We’ll know about Brock in a month-and-a-half, and then I’ll make that decision.”

—Dana White telling the media to listen to him, not Brock Lesnar, concerning Brock’s health

Anyone else find all the contradictions between Lesnar’s camp and Dana White on Brock’s health rather bizarre? It’s almost as if Dana White wants us to believe Brock might never fight again so when he does his return, it will be that much more dramatic. That’s the vibe I’m getting anyhow.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com