Andrei Arlovski vs Fabricio Werdum

It’s been six months since Andrei Arlovski’s stunning knockout loss to Brett Rogers and he still doesn’t have a home. However, according to Fabricio Werdum, Arlovski may be headed to Strikeforce starting with a rematch from their UFC 70 bout.

“I must fight in February or March, and I imagine that it could be against (Andrei) Arlovski. I lost to him by 2×1, it was an ugly fight, nobody liked, but I never choose opponents, I can fight anyone, but then I wanna fight Fedor.”

The second and third round of their first fight was about as exciting as watching paint dry, so I really don’t understand why Strikeforce would even consider booking the rematch. Some things are just better left in the past, and Arlovski-Werdum is definitely one them. Werdum-Rogers, Arlovski-Rogers II, Arlovski-Silva, Werdum-Fedor, Arlovski-Fedor II, Arlovski-Overeem would all make for better fights than rounds four, five and six of that snoozefest.