Rampage Jackson & Dana White

Rampage Jackson may be willing to return to the UFC, but that doesn’t mean him and Dana White are buddies again.

In fact, far from it. He’s tired of all the “shit” Dana has talked about fighters over the years, and says if Dana has a problem with him, he can put on a pair of boxing gloves and they can “settle the problem like men.” Oh, and unlike Tito, he’d actually show up.

“The last thing I want to say is, and this is to Dana White, do me a favour and put two UFC logo’s in that octagon and promote them as if they’re gonna fight each other and see how many people turn up to watch them fight. If Dana’s got a problem with me, about any texts I give my friends or anything else, if he’s got a problem with me tell him, I’ll do a boxing fight with him, but I’d show up. I’d show up with bells on. I’d show up dressed looking just like a boxer. He could even wear a head gear for all I care. That’s real, let Dana know what I said.”

“Dana has a history of talking shit about people on the internet and at press conferences and stuff when they’re not there, I’m not that guy. I’ve shied away from conversations and stuff like that in the past cos I don’t trust myself, I don’t trust my temper and stuff like that, now I don’t give a fuck no more. Tell Dana if he’s still got a problem with me, we can settle the problem like men and he can make as much money out of it as he wants. He can promote it, he can put it on TV and he can pay himself a big purse.”

It’s becoming increasingly harder to tell who Rampage hates more, Dana or Rashad.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com