Dana WhiteDana White was on a conference call today with WEC and Versus officials to formally announce Versus’ new deal with the Zuffa-owned promotions.

Earlier this week, Ariel Helwani reported the deal called for two live UFC events on Versus in 2010, but didn’t specify which type of events they would be. Today, Dana confirmed they would be more like UFC Fight Night cards than the higher-profile numbered events.

“I’ve been talking to networks for a long time now, and I’ve never come to a deal with the big ones: CBS, FOX, you name it, HBO,” White said. “Never came to deals with any of them, because I didn’t like the deal and I didn’t feel like they were really into it.

“And that’s not the case with Versus and Comcast. Not only have we done a deal with them for the WEC, we’re going to bring UFC fights to Versus. That’s how much I think of Versus and Comcast.”

“It will be like a Fight Night card,” White said. “But we got some plans right now … The fight that we’re talking about putting on the first fight on Versus. It’s going to be a good one.”

What’s really interesting about this development though is where it might lead. As you’ve probably heard, Comcast recently bought NBC. People have been speculating for weeks that it could open the door to the UFC landing the network television deal they’ve been looking for. When asked about it today, Dana didn’t rule out the possibility.

“You never know,” UFC President Dana White said during a Wednesday teleconference. “It’s obviously very interesting.”

Dana also reasserted their desire to put on WEC pay-per-view events, but said there’s a lot more to it than “just throwing something on pay-per-view.”