Alistair OvereemApparently Alistair Overeem and Golden Glory have different ideas for Overeem in 2010.

For the past few months, Alistair has repeatedly stated that he will finally return to Strikeforce in early 2010. In fact, the last time he spoke on subject, he explicitly stated he wanted Fedor in April. Well, it just so happens Fedor has a fight scheduled then, but according Head Kick Legend who spoke to sources within Golden Glory, Alistair won’t be available to fight him. He’s returning to K-1 to finish his contract.

As for the future for the Demolition Man, Boon states that there is one more fight on his contract with K-1, which will take place in March or April. Alistair will take off the few months after the Dynamite!! show (which is well deserved) before his K-1 bout in the Spring. What this means to fans in the US? Fedor Emelianenko has a bout scheduled in April for Strikeforce, and the heavy rumor has been Alistair Overeem will be the man involved; Alistair Overeem will not compete in Strikeforce until later 2010. So the hopes of Alistair Overeem facing Fedor Emelianenko on CBS are once again put on hold. We have been assured that Alistair has not chosen any of his opponents, Golden Glory management has been “carefully choosing” his opponents, Alistair will fight anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Bas Boon has assured Head Kick Legend that Alistair Overeem will fight in Strikeforce in the United States in 2010. Quote; “Prepare America, Alistair is coming, 2010 will be the year of the Dutch cyclone, demolition time in the US!”

While many fans and writers have been calling for Strikeforce to strip Overeem of his title, I’ve more or less defended him up until this point. His plans for the remainder of 2009 were laid out pretty clearly months ago. His focus was the K-1 World Grand Prix Final with a few gimme MMA bouts sprinkled in between to keep him sharp and his pockets full. As long as he returned to Strikeforce in early 2010 to defend his belt like he said he would, I said let him keep it.

Not anymore.

If he’s not going to fight Fedor or at least defend his title against someone else in April, then he needs to be stripped. Everyone who’s familiar with MMA beyond the UFC knows Fedor is the real heavyweight champion of the world. Fedor probably doesn’t care, but he deserves the opportunity to fight for the heavyweight title, and it’s not fair he can’t because opportunities Overeem’s camp deems to be more important or lucrative keep popping up in Japan.

Overeem’s next MMA bout is scheduled for Dynamite!! 2009 in Japan against Kazuyuki Fujita. Andrei Arlovski’s camp said earlier this week they were negotiating a deal for Arlovski to face Overeem, but Golden Glory contends they only negotiated to fight Fujita.

Image via Sherdog