Big John McCarthyEver since “Big” John McCarthy returned to refereeing, the MMA community has collectively been calling for his return to the sport’s biggest promotion. Well, it’s not the UFC, but the CSAC has assigned Big John to his first Zuffa card in years, WEC 46 on Jan. 10 in Sacramento. What’s odd is “Big” John won’t be reffing any of the bouts, he’ll be judging them.

The California State Athletic Commission today released its list of assignments for the Jan. 10 WEC show in Sacramento, and there’s a surprising name on the list: popular long-time referee “Big” John McCarthy has been assigned to the show. Even more surprising is the news that McCarthy has not been assigned as a referee for the show, but as a judge.

It’s a step in the right direction, but as a judge? Big John understands the rules and intricacies of MMA as well as anyone so I’m sure he’ll make a fine judge, but wouldn’t he be better served as a ref? If you have Peyton Manning on your team, do you not put him in at quarterback?