Scott Coker confirmed earlier reports today that Dan Henderson will likely fight Jake Shields on the April Strikeforce/CBS card. The fight would be for Jake’s middleweight title. Hendo added:

“After coming off my last fight at 185, it’s just a natural choice to start. And if I do fight Jake Shields, which will probably be my first fight, I will probably defend the title (at least once).

“We’ll see what happens but that’s definitely a good possibility for my first fight,” Henderson continued. “We’ll have to talk to Scott here and hopefully Jake doesn’t run back down to 170.”

Jake Shields also says he wants the fight, but needs to work out the details with Strikeforce first.

“I want to fight big fights and this is a big fight,” said Shields. “I think I am still a 170 pounder, but I think I match up well and I want the fight to happen so I think we will work it out.”

Video via Cagewriter