ESPN/Sherdog’s Jake Rossen raises an important issue that was highlighted most notably by Donald Cerrone’s knees and Ed Ratcliff’s boys this past weekend.

Q: What are athletic commissions going to do about groin shots?

A: If there’s one thing worse than suffering a blow to the groin, it’s suffering two: Donald Cerrone nailed Ed Ratcliff three times in the basket Saturday, prompting a point deduction and a bit of a tainted victory over a clearly aching Ratcliff; Josh Thomson ate a shot against Gil Melendez. These are fouls with real consequences in the fight, yet no athletic commissions have any particular policies beyond use of a solid-material cup. No material — even the steel Thai bowls — can make a fighter totally immune to the shock, but some protection is better than others. Time for regulatory bodies to investigate, then mandate, better shields.

Is the Nutty Buddy the answer? Seriously, watch the video above. It’s inventor, ex-MLB pitcher Mark Littell, takes a 90 MPH fastball straight to the nuts and doesn’t even flinch. If it can protect the boys from a fastball generating 2,400 lbs. of force, I’m sure it would do the trick against an erroneous knee to the nuts. The only thing I question is if it would restrict the movement of jiu-jitsu guys trying to work their magic on the ground. I’d say it’s at least worth a shot though, unless you enjoy getting kicked in the balls, and I’ve yet to meet a man who does.