Mike Brown & Jose Aldo

“It wasn’t me that night, it wasn’t me out there, I didn’t want to fight that night. I just got 18 stitches above my eye six days before the fight. I was training with Thiago Alves and I got kneed in the face. I saw a plastic surgeon and he gave me 18 (dissolvable stitches) above my eye. I went in to fight because I needed to fight, for the money and you make a commitment to fight. I was nervous and tentative. I didn’t have that same aggressiveness. I was more like, ‘what the f— am I doing here?’ That kind of mentality.”

—Mike Brown revealing to Sherdog he wasn’t mentally right in his title defense against Jose Aldo

I don’t know, even if Mike Brown was 150% going into the Jose Aldo fight, I’m not sure it would have made much of a difference. Aldo is just too fast, too explosive. However, if Brown can string enough wins together and look as impressive as he did before, I wouldn’t be against a rematch. I’d like to see Aldo-Faber first though.

Brown is eager to get back on the horse and after a little begging, the WEC gave in and granted him his wish. He’ll face off against Anthony Morrison on Jan. 10 at WEC 46.

Image via Sherdog