Scott Smith Victorious Over Cung Le

WEC 45’s ratings are in, and they’re not exactly a cause for celebration.

This past weekend’s broadcast of “WEC 45: Cerrone vs. Ratcliff” on Versus drew a 0.4 household rating and averaged 330,000 viewers, Versus officials today confirmed with (

That’s nearly 90,000 less viewers than WEC 43 & WEC 44 pulled in.

WEC 43: 419,000
WEC 44: 414,000
WEC 45: 330,000

Several factors likely contributed to the ratings drop. Versus wasn’t on DirecTV for either WEC 43 or WEC 44, so that wasn’t really a factor, but Versus did lose 9 million more homes on Dec. 1 when a free trial period ended with the DISH Network, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. Plus, the show lacked a title fight, it was the weekend before Christmas, and last but not least, they went head-to-head with Strikeforce “Evolution” on Showtime. Not ideal conditions for maximizing ratings.

Speaking of Strikeforce and Showtime, their ratings are also in. They fell in line with previous Showtime MMA events of similar scope.

WEC 45 drew 330,000 viewers, and Strikeforce’s latest offering topped it slightly with 341,000 viewers, ( today confirmed with officials.

Strikeforce narrowly topped the WEC if you make a straight comparison of the viewership numbers, however if you compare the percentage of average viewers over availability — Strikeforce’s 2.8% (341k/12m) vs. WEC’s 0.4% (330k/75m) — Strikeforce clearly won the ratings battle on Dec. 19.

I guess fans didn’t get WEC president Reed Harris’ Strikeforce fights mean little memo.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime