Don Frye

The legendary Don Frye is sick and tired of shady promoters that have entered MMA in recent years and says it’s time to call it quits.

“I’m pretty much quitting MMA. I’ve had enough of the (expletive). I’m done with it. The competitive urges still flow through me, but I’m tired of the (expletive) of the promoters…I’m tired of the (expletive) treatment, being lied to and tired of getting bounced checks from people. They can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned…The fight game isn’t a respectful profession any more. They’ve made a mockery out of it by letting Jose Canseco fight, and now Hershel Walker, and all these other jackasses in their 40’s who have never fought…They’re getting paid more than the guys who have been putting years into it. It’s an embarrassment and a shame…I’ve had a hell of a run. I appreciate the fans. Bob Meyrowitz was a great promoter back when he ran the UFC; he treated the fighters with respect. I had a great time in Japan. I’ve got nothing to complain about…What a great time I’ve had. I wish I could do more for the fans. I wish I could come back for another one, but until the promoters straighten out, they can all go pound sand.”

Thankfully, Frye has made a good impression on one of Hollywood’s top directors, Michael Mann, which gives him an opportunity to make a living outside of fighting. His dream is to star in a Western with Clint Eastwood.

“I got lucky, the luck of the Irish. Michael Mann likes me for some reason. He’s put me to work three times; on Miami Vice, Public Enemies, and then he chose me for the AT&T commercial. I always have a great time working with Michael Mann. He’s a class act. The food is top of the line, the accommodations are top of the line, and he treats everybody with respect – that is very uncommon in the MMA world…I’m starting over again, starting on the bottom, but I’ve got nothing to complain about,” he said. “As long as I’m working, I’m healthy and my family’s healthy, there’s nothing in the world to complain about. I’d love to work with (Clint) Eastwood on a western. It’s always fun to hop on a horse and shoot somebody.”

Frye has had one hell of a run, but unlike other fighters who have recently turned to acting as a potential full-time profession, Frye is long past his prime and there’s really no reason for him to still fight other than money. If he can make it elsewhere, he should. As much as I enjoyed watching Frye fight in the earlier days of the sport, I think we can all agree he and his legendary personality are now much better suited for the big screen than the ring.

Image via Sherdog