Matt SerraLove him or hate him, you have to admit Matt Serra is a pretty funny guy, especially when he has someone to poke fun at. With Matt Hughes out of the way, for now at least, Serra has Frank Trigg to focus on and it seems he’s already found his target: Trigg’s lower back tattoo, which Serra more affectionately refers to as his “tramp stamp.”

“Look, when my career is over and done with, I’m the one who can look back and say that I was the champ,” Serra said. “He got there twice and choked both times — literally. I refuse to lose to a guy that has a [expletive] tramp stamp. You’ve seen his back, right? C’mon. No way am I losing to a guy that walks around with that.”

Meanwhile, Trigg knows a loss to Serra could very well be his last fight in the UFC if he loses, and he doesn’t plan to lose to someone in the “twilight of his career.”

“He’s in the twilight of his career,” Trigg said. “Unfortunately, when he loses to me, he’s going to realize that his days as a fighter are going to be limited. He’ll be able to go ahead and continue fighting in smaller, lesser-known organizations if he wants. Hopefully, he does so at 155. He’s small to begin with, but he’s definitely too small for this weight class and too small for me in this fight, as well.”

Serra and Trigg may not be in the upper echelon of the division anymore, but few fighters can talk a good game like these two can. The verbal jabs they’re bound to trade for the next month about who’s closer to retirement should be hilariously awesome. Gotta give round one to Serra.