Alistair OvereemAlistair Overeem attributes his superhuman body transformation to a steady diet of horse meat. K-1 fighter Zabit Samedov, however, alleges not only Overeem, but the entire Golden Glory team uses steroids regularly.

Almost all Dutch fighters juice. For example, in Golden Glory it’s almost a part of the club’s policy. They shoot up and fight like it’s nothing. Because of that when they get to the ring they start raging. Think about it yourself, how could Bard Hari change his physical complexion so much in two years?

Karaev trained in Holland and said that Zimmerman shoots up in front of everyone and only after that starts training. Look at what an elephant Zimmerman had become in just two years. But most of these fighters pass all medical tests for steroids.

How? They consume extremely high level new pharmaceutical drugs and go through a very expensive three months cycle. So they can get huge.

Like other steroid allegations we’ve seen recently in combat sports, such as the Penn-GSP and Mayweather-Pacquiao stories, Samedov doesn’t actually offer any sort of proof to back up his claims, just hearsay. Plus, Head Kick Legend points out various reasons why Samedov isn’t the most trustworthy source to begin with.

Does that mean it’s false? Not necessarily, but until actual evidence is presented that proves Overeem or any of the other Golden Glory fighters are juicing, you can’t definitively say it’s true either.