Oh boy, here we go again. Another Sherdog writer — Jake Rossen this time — wrote a piece countering Dana’s points from his 2020 vision story that was published on LasVegasSun.com, and once again Dana is pissed. Not quite as pissed as he was at Loretta Hunt, but enough to grab everyone’s attention and probably turn loyal UFC and Dana White fans against Rossen.

“Like I give a fuck what Jake Rossen thinks. What the fuck has this guy ever done to move the sport of MMA forward? First of all, we’ve made this thing grow despite all the dicks that write on Sherdog…This guy is a fucking assbag, okay?…So instead of promoting the fight this weekend, this guy’s fucking arguing with me about big MMA’s going to be in the next ten years and why it won’t be as big as I say it is. Are these fuckers into mixed martial arts?…That’s what he does? Then what the fuck do you employ this guy for? He argues about how big the sport will be? That’s what he does? What a fucking douchebag…So basically what he tells me is what Jake Rossen likes to do is he likes to write bullshit stories smashing MMA and MMA writers so you the fans will go on there and talk about it for a long time…typical fucking douchebag reporter. Jake Rossen, go fuck yourself!”

So if Dana “doesn’t give a fuck what Jake Rossen thinks,” why is he so upset about it? People aren’t allowed to think for themselves? Have their own opinions? Because Dana makes a prediction, you’re an assbag if you don’t agree with him?