happy_new_yearHappy New Year everyone!

Real quick, I want to give a special thanks to all the guys who contributed to MMAConvert in 2009 — Mark Dorsey, Mike Moffatt, Zak Woods, Zane Blackman, Greg Monskie. I really appreciate all your help and support.

I also want to thank you, the readers, for helping this site grow like it has. Our traffic essentially tripled over the course of 2009, and if things fall into place, hopefully we can continue that trend in 2010 and take this site to the next level.

Quick heads up, I’ll be traveling back home today. I may not be back in time to cover the UFC 108 weigh-ins live, but I’ll post the results as soon as I get in. Everything will be back to normal next week.

One last thing, our highly unofficial best, worst and everything in between awards of 2009 will be posted in the next week or two, so keep your eyes peeled.