Rampage Jackson & Rashad Evans

With Thiago Silva officially out of the way, Rashad Evans can refocus on Rampage Jackson. Dana recently said their highly anticipated showdown would likely happen in March, however at last night’s post-fight press conference he said it’s probably going to be May.

As reported yesterday, UFC President Dana White said that the fight would “probably” happen in March. However, he has since stated that the organization is leaning towards UFC 113 in Montreal, Canada, which would take place on the first day of the month.

“We’re thinking maybe, probably May,” White said. “That’s going to be a sick card up there.”

“The fight should have happened two weeks ago,” said White. “But I’m over [the trash-talking]. I’m past it. I think Rashad is too. Now’s the time to do that fight as soon as he’s done with his movie.”

In case you forgot, the Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua rematch is expected to headline the May 1 Montreal card. If they add Rampage vs. Rashad as the co-main event, how seriously badass is UFC 113 going to be?