JCVD vs KamsingI’m not gonna lie, when news broke a while back that Jean Claude Van Damme would stepping in the ring for a real fight I figured it would end up falling apart. I mean, too good to be true, right? Well, I guess it still could, but Head Kick Legend is passing along a report that claims his fight is still on and it’s expected to go down in October in Las Vegas.

While Van Damme has not yet gone public regarding the fight, Thai media is reporting that JCVD attended a December 29 meeting in Thailand to determine details for the fight with Somluck Kamsing.  With no media invited to the talks, and all information being reported strictly through Thai sources at the moment, some of this information is definitely subject to change, but it looks like the fight is indeed set for October 2010.  This is pushed back from the original rumored March date to allow more time for promotion.  The fight will take place in Las Vegas, and will be contested under slightly modified Muay Thai rules.  Many of the details of this meeting dealt with broadcasting the fight, which has the potential to be a huge money-maker if promoted correctly.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, HELL YES!