Sengoku Raiden ChampionshipsWhen World Victory Road abandoned their own NYE card to join forces with FEG/DREAM for Dynamite!! 2009 it seemed as if Sengoku’s days were coming to end. Well, apparently not because Nightmare of Battle is passing along overseas reports that suggest WVR is currently mapping out their 2010 Sengoku Raiden Championships schedule of events.

NikkanSports writes that WVR announced that their next event will be held on March 7th at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. They are also planning to hold events in July and November and it looks like they want Ishii to return on the July event.

WVR director Inemura revealed that they are currently looking into holding 5 events in 2010 (would probably be March, April, July, September, and November).

According to another report NOB mentioned, there’s actually a possibility that a third promotion will emerge in Japan as well the possibility that DREAM and SRC will join forces.

Also, Hidehiko Yoshida plans to return for a retirement fight. The question is, for who? Sengoku would like to book him in a rematch with Satoshi Ishii, but since he’s a free agent they’ll have to compete with DREAM to sign him.

It will be interesting to see how the landscape of Japanese MMA looks at the end of 2010 because it sounds like it may go through a few changes this year.