Urijah Faber

“I can’t say for sure. But I know that I’m ranked third in the world and Rafael is ranked fifth so this would obviously see who will be ranked next. I would hope that I would be able to get the next shot but that’s up to the WEC. I can only hope for the best…From the get-go, I’ve been really impressed with Aldo…He’s extremely athletic. He’s got really good stand-up and is very creative. He would be a tough fight. As far as matchups go, I think I’ve got the style to beat him. I’m the superior wrestler out of the two of us and I think my submission game is very good…I can’t get too excited about possibly fighting him yet though because I’ve got another hard-headed Brazilian [Assuncao] to throw around first.”

—Urijah Faber on a WEC 46 conference call talking about a potential title shot against Jose Aldo

With two losses to Mike Brown, Urijah Faber’s road back to the WEC featherweight title seemed like a long one. That was until Jose Aldo destroyed the seemingly unbeatable Brown reopening the door for Urijah to get back into title contention. But first he’ll have to beat Rafael Assuncao this Sunday, and if he does, WEC’s Reed Harris says giving Faber a title shot is definitely a possibility they’re already considering.

“We’ve definitely had that discussion. Ultimately, it will be up to Sean Shelby [WEC matchmaker] but we’ve had that discussion over the past week. I can’t see why Urijah hasn’t earned that spot. It’s not us trying to give Urijah these kind of fights. He fought Brown for 25 minutes with two broken hands, so how do you not put him in your featured fights?”

It’s a no-brainer to match Faber up with Aldo if he wins. It would be a Fight of the Year prospect, which kind of makes me wonder if they would save it for that pay-per-view event they keep talking about. Aldo vs. Faber would be a fight worth paying for.

Image via Sherdog