Brock LesnarNo, sorry, this isn’t the post that finally clears up when Brock Lesnar will get back in the cage, but it should lay to rest any speculation that Lesnar’s leaky intestine was caused by any suspected steroid usage. MMA Junkie’s Dr. Johnny Benjamin has the word.

Now, to answer your question, I could find absolutely no credible, peer-reviewed medical literature that drew a correlation between anabolic-steroid use and diverticulitis.

Therefore, the Internet pundits and unlicensed medical experts who continue to state, imply and/or insinuate that Brock Lesnar’s serious GI condition is related to past or ongoing anabolic steroid use are both reckless and stating unsubstantiated information as fact.

With that out of the way, let’s jump to Steve Cantwell. His fight against Vladmir Matyushenko was suddenly canceled just days before UFC 108. No one really thought twice about it until Dana White revealed Cantwell may never fight again. Details were scarce at the time, but now the NSAC’s Keith Kizer is confirming it was in fact a medical problem but isn’t sure if it’s something that can be corrected.

“What [fighters] have to do is they have to go get a physical, blood work, eye exams, and all this other stuff, and have their doctor sign off on it then send it all in,” Kizer said. “Then we clear them. I guess on one of the medicals, and I’m not going to get into what it was, he was having an issue getting a clearance on something.

“It may be something that’s a short-term problem, and he’ll be back fighting next month, or it may be something that’s a long-term problem. Officially, he was unable to submit all the required medical test results to get licensed, so there’s just been no license issued, just like anyone else who has an incomplete application. But whatever the issue was, hopefully he’ll fix (it) medically and be able to fight again this year.”

“Let’s say a guy had a vision problem and he couldn’t meet our vision test,” Kizer said. “Well, maybe he gets Lasik (surgery), and in a week, he can. That’s not the issue here, but there’s always that possibility. With medicine nowadays? Remember the days of ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard and the detached retina issue? Now a detached retina is not big deal.

“We just changed our regulations not too long ago about subdural hematomas. Not too long ago, if you had a cerebral hemorrhage in the past, there’s no way you could ever be licensed again. Now, medicine is such that we can do it on a case-by-case basis. So [the issue] is something where, worst-case scenario, it could (prevent Cantwell from fighting again). Best-case scenario, he’s fighting again in a couple of months. But again, that’s a medical question. I can’t really judge it one way or another.”

Well, whatever it is, hopefully it turns out to be much closer to the best-case scenario than the worst. In case you’re wondering, Matyushenko did receive a portion of his UFC 108 purse, however Cantwell did not.