Brock Lesnar & Dana WhiteDuring the Brock Lesnar illness saga we’ve learned he is a very private person. According to Dana White, if Brock had it his way, no one would know what’s going on with him. However, against Brock’s wishes, Dana has stated he has to be honest about it and has told the media as much as he can.

Apparently not anymore.

This was the week we were supposed to find out if and when Brock could return to action. However, when Fanhouse queried Dana for an update, he was suddenly unwilling to share any details on the matter.

UFC President Dana White, when reached via text, said he could not comment on anything regarding the champion’s health and re-evaluation.

“Brock asked me not to talk about it,” he said. “I have to respect that.”

When asked if he could make any statement at all about Lesnar, White was again uncharacteristically silent.

“No comment,” he said. “First time in nine years I have ever said that.”

If you think Dana White’s sudden silence on the matter is rather odd, you’re not alone. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I imagine if Brock had received good news, he wouldn’t have just draped an even larger veil of secrecy over it.

Beyond that, there’s not any further details to share that have been officially confirmed, however, Brock’s Facebook page, which may or may not be legitimate depending on who you ask, says there’s been further complications and Brock may be out for the rest of 2010.

NEW UPDATE!! Brock has had more problems (we can’t say what they are) and he could be out all of this year if things don’t get better. Brock wants to thank all of his fans for their support and for the nice messages so thanks guys.

Like I said, this information isn’t confirmed, but it does seem to coincide with Dana’s “no comment.”

Update: Lesnar’s people say Brock will indeed fight again, but won’t elaborate on when just yet.

Speaking at the National High School duels in Rochester, Minn., University of Minnesota assistant head wrestling coach Marty Morgan touched on one of the best kept secrets in MMA.

“Everyone’s asking about his health. He had a bout with a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract in November, and now we’re just kind of working our way to get back to where we need to get back to fight.”

“I don’t give more answers than that. Brock don’t give more answers, (and) his agents don’t give more answers. There’s really only a handful of people who know where we’re at, whether it’s moving forwards or backwards.”

“He will fight again. I know that it’s just a matter of the public finding out when soon enough.”

Lesnar’s head trainer, Greg Nelson echoed Morgan’s statement to MMA Junkie. Typically, I would say this is great news but considering all the contradictions between Brock’s camp and Dana White thus far, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana says otherwise when asked about it in the next few days.