Shinya Aoki gives Mizuto Hirota the birdFans and media members weren’t the only ones who were disgusted with Shinya Aoki’s actions immediately following the Mizuto Hirota bout at Dynamite!! 2009. World Victory Road was too, and now they’re demanding that FEG take action and “severely reprimand” Aoki for his behavior.

Sengoku has made an official representation to DREAM and parent company K-1, asking that Shinya Aoki be penalised for the bad sportsmanship he displayed against Hirota after beating him in the New Year’s Eve fight.

The move is being supported by an organisation called the Japanese Martial Arts Federation, which issued a joint statement with Sengoku and called for DREAM to chastise Aoki for what he did “to ensure that such a display of bad sportsmanship is never repeated”.

“Despite the best chance to improve the status of mixed martial arts nationwide, Aoki‘s actions after the fight threw that opportunity down the toilet,” is how the New Year’s Eve event is seen by the Federation, which also castigated Aoki for “repeatedly running proudly around the ring” when he had finished taunting his opponent.

Sengoku hopes FEG will comply and make an example out of Aoki so such behavior isn’t exhibited by other fighters in the future.

Regarding Hirota’s arm that Aoki broke, it appears he’s going to be fine, but won’t be able to return to action until late summer. He underwent an operation earlier this week and it was deemed a success. He is interested in a rematch with Aoki.

In other Dynamite!! 2009 news, the event drew an average rating of 16.7% on TBS, just a few ticks shy of the 20% mark FEG was hoping for, though they did eclipse that mark during the Ishii-Yoshida and Masato-Souwer fights. Dave Meltzer says this is considered a success and should be enough for Dynamite to return to TBS on NYE 2010. Via MMA Payout:

It is the rating for the big matches that the network is most concerned with, and it was considered a success, being in second place for what is traditionally the most-watched night of television of the year in Japan. While Sadaharu Tanigawa of K-1 seemed disappointed, hoping to be more competitive with the concert, particularly during the Masato and Ishii matches, TBS president Toshimi Ichihara did a press interview talking about the success of the show in beating a comedy show on NTV that featured a lot of big names. After last year, the tradition was in trouble, but this rating guarantees TBS doing it again next year. The problem is when you look at what drew the rating, Ishii’s debut was a one-time thing and he didn’t look good, and got destroyed in all the newspapers, and Masato, who ended up being the star of the show, was retiring. I could easily see a big push next year to bring him out of retirement because they’ll need him.

As Payout points out, what’s most impressive about this is Dynamite!! 2009 didn’t feature any obvious freak show matches to bring in the ratings. Of course, with Ishii and Masato they didn’t have to this year, so I don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of them.

And last but not least, Sengoku announced their plans for 2010 earlier today in Japan.

The rough schedule for SRC in 2010 was also announced at today’s information-filled press conference. The next event will take place on March 7th at the Ryogoku Kokugikan (13,000) and a press conference concerning the name of the event, fights, and ticket schedule is planned to take place next week.

SRC events will also be held in May, July, September, and November and director Inemura said that 6~7 events are planned for 2010. They want to hold many tournaments in many weight-classes this year and are currently considering making a Bantamweight (60 kg) title as well. The plan is to hold tournaments from the March event and onwards. The July and November events will be held in large arenas.

Also, Sengoku has cut ties with the Yoshida Dojo and no longer have commitments with its fighters including Makoto Takimoto, Kazuhiro Nakamura and Michihiro Omigawa.

Image via FIGHT! Magazine